Glow Stick (Love Stix range)

Glow stick

Surfboard Dimensions:

Length:      6′ – 8’11”
Width :      20″ – 22 1/2″

Surfboard Description:

This is a great performance lminimal for all conditions and ideal for anyone from a learner to a performance surfer.  A performance squash tail shape completes a streamlined mal design providing easy access into waves and manoeuvrability down the line; a great balance of speed and control!

Suggested board set up: a relaxed rocker with a single to double to v bottom contours.

Fin set up as a single, thruster, quad, five fin (optional) or 4:1 (a single with a quad set up) and are available as glass on, 10″ box (with optional side bites), FCS, Future or Lokbox.

All boards come as clear & are finished to a gloss polish … however; designs and resin tints are free, so please enquire.


Price: £699.99

Free UK postage

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579

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