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FCS series 2rear quads performance flex


£34.99 £24.99

FCS II Performer Neo Glass Quad Rear Surfboard Fins

FCS II Keyless Plug system fins – will not fit the FCS original 2 tab plugs.

MEDIUM (65 – 80Kg / 145 – 175 Lbs)

This set of 2 Quad Rear fins is a reliable all-round fin for a diverse range of surfers, conditions and board types. This is a well proportioned template with 80/20 Foils is designed for surfers wanting a combination of speed and manoeuvrability with flow between turns. The exact characteristics will vary depending on the front fins used in the set-up. We consider these to be too large to be suitable as longboard side bites.


Base: 4.09in / 104mm
Depth: 4.26in / 108mm
Area: 12.63 in sq / 8150mm sq
Sweep: 32.4dgrees
Foil: 80/2

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