The most high performance board in our range, designed for advanced riders in high performance waves. The CT features a medium entry rocker and slightly flatter mid section for speed and drive before an exaggerated exit rocker progresses through the tail and exit for the tightest of turns. With high performance bottom contours – single to double to Vee this board ticks all the boxes for those at the top of their game. This board is deigned for strong paddlers as the focus is on getting the most out of every turn the wave.

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This surfboard can be tailored for different conditions; to get the version of this board customised for yourself and the conditions, your ability and the waves you will be surfing; please call me or email me.

If you are unsure of the dimensions, again please contact me – if you’re a competent surfer about shoulder width by about eye brow to head height is great for high performance surfing.  However if you are not comfortable going so small; then again; please contact me to get this board the best board for you to ride!

Designs are free and delivery are free; just contact me if you have a design in mind and I will get it onto the board 🙂