Easy Rider


Suggested board set up:

Length:     as long as you want
Width:      what you can fit under your arm
Bottom contours:     single to double to v ;
Rocker:     medium

In traditional materials (polyester resins on a polyurethane blank): £649.99

In epoxy or finished to a high gloss polish (love sits range): £799.99



Item description and advise:

This is a great board for all conditions and ideal for anyone from a learner to a performance surfer.  A performance squash tail shape completes a streamlined mal design providing easy access into waves and manoeuvrability down the line; a great balance of speed and control!

The board is great as a single concave under the nose and chest area passing to a flat through the centre and a v through the tail (allowing you to run up to the nose to hang ten or get on the back and hack those turns in).
Alternatively; a hull shaped v up front flattening slightly through the centre before becoming a more prominent v with a concave either side through the back of the board providing more of a performance feel.


The Love Stix Range are all retro designs with low full rails and hull designs and finished to a high gloss polish.

All boards are hand shaped by myself (Chris Barker) to the highest standard and glassed using what i consider the best materials available on the market and finished to a high gloss polish.  There is no regard to time; they are a labour of love!


All boards come as clear, however; designs, and resin tints are free.  If you would like a design, colour or resin tint on your board please contact me (as below);

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579
or via email at chris-teardropsurfboards@live.com