Suggested Set up:

Height:     Eye brow – head height
Width:      what you can comfortably fit under your arm
Bottom contours:     Single to double to v
Fin Set up:    Thruster



A great small to medium wave board; the added width and volume provide loads of speed both paddling and down the line.  Whilst it’s stumpy template making it feel light and loose; allowing tight turns and responsive surfing.


This board has been designed for grovelling the most fun out of small weak surf possible!  Designed for small to medium waves; the wide template provides loads of paddle speed whilst the wide squash tail is loose and smooth to surf; planing throught the flat stuff well and gaining loads of speed along the face!!

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All boards are hand shaped by myself (Chris Barker) to the highest standard and glassed using what i consider the best materials available on the market and finished to a matt finish.  There is no regard to time; they are a labour of love!

These boards will be shaped with 50/50 rails – for full low rails and hull designs; please check the “Love Stix range”
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or contact myself (Chris) on 07947 368579
or via email at

All boards come as clear, however; designs, and resin tints are free.  If you would like a design, colour or resin tint on your board please contact me (as below);

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579
or via email at


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