FCS G1000 Rear quads / side bites

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FCS G1000 Small Centre Fin – Loosens any Surfboard

This is a Genuine FCS replacement part made in the USA. The G1000 is designed to loosen up any surfboard when used in conjunction with regular side fins. The size is just below that of a G3 centre (104mm base, 108mm depth, sweep 32.4 degrees) making it ideal for lightweight riders, kids or anyone who wants to free up their board for loose riding.
Can be used as a Centre Fin or rear quads (both in conjunction with a larger front fin set up (ie. m5’s)

They are also a good alternative for side bites to a larger centre fin (for example: used as side bites with a 9″ single fin in a 10″ box; as would be in a long board set up).

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Great as a rear fin for a quad set up.  Or to really loosen the board up, set one of the G1000’s as the rear trailer centre fin in a thruster set up.  Also a good alternative to side bites with a larger central single fin (as in a long board / minimal set up.