Length:     5’10” –  6’10”
Width :     18″ – 21 1/2″

Surfboard Description:

This is an amazing board for all surf conditions, and therefore great for travelling! A slightly fuller template allows the board to be faster whilst paddling and surfing (allowing slightly earlier entry into waves and more speed through sections) whilst retaining that responsive performance feel.  The rounded tail provides amazingly smooth transitions through turns which allows it to handle power and speed with ease.

Customise for more powerful surf with a deep single concave, or for fun beachies have as a deep single to double to v.

Designed for average to good surf conditions from 2′ upwards (chest height to as big as you care to go).

Fin set up as thrusters or quad (or both; 5 fin) available as glass on or in FCS, Future or Lokbox.

All boards come as clear & are finished to a matt finish … however; designs and resin tints are free, so please enquire.

Price:    £479.99   

Also Available in Epoxy:    £624.99   

Free UK delivery

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579

or via email at chris-teardropsurfboards@live.com