Big Fish

Big FishSurfboard Dimensions:

Length:     5′ – 7′
Width :     20″ – 24″

Surfboard Description:

The ‘Big Fish’ is a super wide retro-fish designed for ghaving the most fun in small to medium waves, or as a great step down board from a minimal!

The board is a step back in time to the days of carving big drawn out curves and maintaining down the line speed.  More suited to small to medium waves due to the width; the board paddles super fast and picks up waves and down the line speed with ease!

Suggested bottom contours: a v;  hulled up front and with a deep single concave scooped out either side through the back half of the board.

Suggested fin set up as twin available as glass on, FCS, Future or Lokbox.

All boards come as clear & are finished to a matt finish … however; designs and resin tints are free, so please enquire.

 Price:   £624.99

Free UK delivery

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579

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