SRetro Rocketurfboard Dimensions:

Length:     5’6″ – 6’8″
Width :     18 3/4″ – 21 1/2″

Surfboard Description:

Straight out the 70’s this shape is designed as one board for all waves. With more volume under the chest area the board not only paddles like a gem, but carries its momentum extremely well, which not only means easily maintaining speed in small weak conditions, but also a smoother ride in bigger more powerful surf.

Suggested concaves are either as a single or a single to double to v

Suggested fin set up as twin available as glass on, FCS, Future or Lokbox.

All boards come as clear & are finished to a matt finish … however; designs and resin tints are free, so please enquire.

Price: £524.99

Free UK postage

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579 

or via email at