Lip Stick


Suggested board set up:

Length:     as long as you want
Width:      what you can fit under your arm
Bottom contours:     v (hulled up front & with a deep single concave either side through the back)
Rocker:     relaxed
Fin Set up:     single




This is a great longboard for all conditions and ideal for anyone from a learner to a performance surfer.  A wide squash provides plenty of push into the waves and is easy and slidy to turn.  The stinger (or wing) acts as a pivot point further up the board; freeing up the tail which allows the board to turn on a tighter radius and slide out easier.

The board is great as a hull shaped v up front flattens slightly through the centre before becoming a more prominent v with a concave either side through the back of the board providing a performance feel.
Alternatively; A single concave under the nose and chest area passing to a flat through the centre and a v through the tail; will allow you to run up to the nose to hang ten or get on the back and hack those turns in.


Love Stix dark background copy

The Love Stix Range are all retro designs with low full rails and hull designs and finished to a high gloss polish.

All boards are hand shaped by myself (Chris Barker) to the highest standard and glassed using what i consider the best materials available on the market and finished to a high gloss polish.  There is no regard to time; they are a labour of love!


All boards come as clear, however; designs, and resin tints are free.  If you would like a design, colour or resin tint on your board please contact me (as below);

For more information, please contact Chris on 07947 368579
or via email at